Juicy Couture Watch

A watch sometimes could be an option to complete your glam look.

We still think that a more obvious/traditional choices of accessories such as rings, bracelets, or earrings will never go away, BUT watches are also another accessories that would complete your look. Watches could be considered jewelry items as well, as some of them have been decorated with crystals, even diamonds!

Even Apple, has expanded their brand with the introduction of Apple Watch. In short, watches are never going to go away.

Speaking of watches, one of the watches that we love right now is Juicy Couture Watches.


juicy_2What we love about Juicy Couture Watches are, all come with Swarovski Crystals and very fashionable looking. The watches comes in Sterling Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold.

Juicy Couture watches are absolutely an outfit-making accessories.

National Dog Day

It’s National Dog Day on August 26, the day to appreciate the pooch in your life or admire the your neighbor’s or your friends and family’s. Honestly, it’s just an excuse to look at photos of cute dogs online, though, right?

We post some of the cutest dog’s post today from instagram which really fits into the cute overload national day.






Some people even use that excuse to accessorize themselves such as wearing a pendant with their dog’s name engraved on it. After all, for some people, their dogs are their kids.

Even for non-dog owners, they can still treat themselves with many fashionable different dog-themed accessories.

The Birthstone of August: Peridot

Peridot is theperidot_1 gemstone for August’s birthstone. Peridot carries a lime green color, which believes to reduce stress and protect its wearer from negativity.

Peridot was also formerly known as Chrysolite. Before Peridot became the August gemstone, it was the main zodiac stone for Libra. Peridot’s appearance is a transparent olive green stone, which sometimes it draws very close to yellow.

In ancient time, it was believed that Peridot was to celebrate annual creation of a new world and a gift of Mother’s Nature to honor that occasion. Hence it was believed that it is to instill influence and power through wearing this particular gemstone.

Three carats or smaller in Peridot gemstones are considered very common.

However, over five carats are considered rare and have a higher value.

These days, most peridot comes from Arizona but it also could be found in Pakistan, China, and Myanmar. Peridot exists in several colors ranging from brown to yellowish green, but the most desired ones are olive greens and bright lime greens.


In jewelry collection, either in rings, earrings, or pendants, you would find them in either citrus tones or earth tones.

We Like Your Photos in Instagram: August 2015

Starting this month, we’re tagged in bundles of adorable/cute/clever/well-shot photos on Instagram. Here’s a roundup of our favorites. Enjoy!

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August 7 is a national lighthouse day. That day is dedicated to honor the beacon of light that has symbolized security and safety for numerous boats and ships at the sea.

A lighthouse is considered as a tower, or any type of structure that serves its purpose to emit lights from lenses and lamps.

Those lights are being used as an aid to navigate maritime pilots either at the sea or on inland waterways.

For some people, visiting, photographing, collecting them are popular hobbies. Collecting Charms are also popular hobbies for some people.lighthouse5

Some prefer White Gold over yellow gold. Some charms even come with diamond! The possibilities of collecting lighthouse is endless!lighthouse

And in part of celebrating the National Coast Guard Day this week as well, it is worth knowing that the United States Coast Guard took over on July 7, 1939. So it is not a coincidence that United States has the most lighthouses of any nation.


August 4 is National Coast Guard Day which was celebrated annually. This year National Coast Guard celebrates its 225 years of Service to Nation.US Coast Guard

August 4 was set aside to honor and celebrate the work that is courageously performed by the Coast Guard.

As part of the branch of the US Armed Forces, the United States Coast Guard is a multi-missioned, Military, and Maritime service.

United States Coast Guard can be transferred to the US Navy by the president of the United States whenever it is deemed necessary, especially during war times, but it also operates under the Department of Homeland Security, particularly during peacetime.

Some people celebrate their patriotism and service by wearing this military ring in a customized special engraving.

US Coast Guard has saved more than 30,000 lives when Hurricane Katrina struck in New Orleans, as one of the examples of how important the work of this branch of the US Armed Forces.

The Birthstone of April: Diamond

For those of you who love diamonds and happen to have a birthday in April, they can have another excuse to have them, because it is April’s birthstone!

The name diamond represents purity and perfection, as well as it symbolizes eternal love. The name diamond comes from an ancient Greek word which means proper, unalterable, unbreakable, untamed. Mosf of diamonds are colorless, nevertheless you can also find fancy colored diamonds. Some come in pink or red colored of diamonds are being the rarest.

The gem’s long history has been recorded as one of the most resilient materials in the world. Diamond is virtually unbreakable, hence it was first used as tools because of its strength. Although it wasn’t until 1900s when the reputation of diamonds as the most valuable and desired gem in the market being recorded.

Diamonds were thought to have been first mined in India and used as religious icons. Both are worn by women and men. The ancient Greek believed the fire in the diamonds symbolized the flame of everlasting love whereas the stone has held magical powers for Kings and Queens. Kings and Queens believed that the diamonds were fragments of starts, teardrops of the Gods and demoting eternity.

Nowadays, diamonds can be found in the necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and the list goes on.

Today, the diamond continues to enjoy great popularity, offered as engagement or anniversary ring and worn by numerous stars on red carpets! If you wear your birthstone diamond this month, it is supposed to bring you purity, endurance and commitment.